Goes by in a blink…

Happy Birthday to my babies, my forever breath, my world…

How can this be?  My babies are three.  Big kids.  The little ones I used to swaddle, kangaroo and hand feed are now…well, they are now…people!  It sounds so funny to say, but it so true.  Each and every day they become more and more independent.  They have opinions.  They have major likes and dislikes.  They can hold a conversation.  By golly, they know all of their colors and how to count to ten in Spanish.

My oh my…doesn’t it go by in a blink.


I will never forget Thursday, August 30th, 2007…

Brayton Alan – 10:21am/7lbs 2oz

With my husband by my side, my little buddy, my Bray-Bray, was gently pulled from my belly.  He took his first breath.  I took a deep breath.  We both lost it.

Addyson Deason – 10:22am/6lbs 12oz

My porcelain doll made her way out.  I felt a rush.  A sensation that I will never experience again in my lifetime.  She was pink.  The perfect button nose.  She was and is, my Addy-Bean.


This past weekend was absolutely delicious.  All of the grandparents made their way to Charlotte (well, all except Grandpa Vining who was unable) to celebrate the amazing lives of two precious babies!  It was a jam-packed, non-stop four days.  It was perfect!

We started a tradition…cupcakes for breakfast the morning of their actual birthday.  Their facial expressions are priceless!

I vowed this year NOT to be the one taking all of the pictures.  I wanted to enjoy my babies and their moments through my eyes, not the lens.  Their official “I’m Three!” pictures have been produced…I just need to find the time to photograph them.  OMGosh…the JCrew ‘Crew Cuts’ wardrobe that I got for them is straight yumminess!!  Think vests, rolled jeans, lime greens, bright oranges and raspberries, knee socks, short skirts, boots and page boy hats!!!  Ahhhh…I need TIME!!

Bray & Addy…mommy loves you beyond measure.  You are my heart.  My breath.  My life.  My world.

To my husband…My support.  My sounding board.  My partner.  I love you!  Another milestone approaching…9/25/2000 – 10 years ago we said our “I do’s!” at the Pima County Courthouse (okay, well…we’ll share that story in 23 days!)!

Cake Lady Jill…YOU ROCK!!!  THANK YOU!!

After much debate, Bray ultimately decided on Thomas the Train as his theme this year…

And my Addy…well, she is all girl of course.  Tinkerbell…

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