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Faithful, inspired and ready…

I sit here blank. Where do I even begin? Tom Cruise comes to mind for some reason.  I wonder if I am having a Jerry McGuire moment? Nah. Then I think mid life crisis?  Hmmm.  Does that happen at 40?  Is this mid life?  Have I reached mid life?  Geesh! And then I move on. Perhaps […]

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A God-given talent and man | Stephon Gilmore

“Are you ready for some football…” First let me preface by saying that this little snippet and post by no way trumps the magic that was captured between this soon-to-be-husband and his remarkably beautiful fiance, Gabrielle, yesterday.  We started bright and early.  Chatted a bit over coffee and makeup then got the show on the […]

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Vining Estates + RE/MAX Executive Realty = Annoucement!!

Where do I even begin? It seems a bit surreal that after months of preparing it is finally time to start.  To announce.  To clarify.  To grow.  To expand. Let’s start off first with clarification.  I am still and will always be a wedding photographer. It is my passion.  My art.    This year is […]

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