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Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00001“Are you ready for some football…”

First let me preface by saying that this little snippet and post by no way trumps the magic that was captured between this soon-to-be-husband and his remarkably beautiful fiance, Gabrielle, yesterday.  We started bright and early.  Chatted a bit over coffee and makeup then got the show on the road.  Can’t wait to share their photographs next week…their WEDDING week!!

In the meantime, I wanted to journal this special moment that came after our shoot.  My little buddy is a sports fan through and through.  Be it baseball, football, golf or lacrosse…he will watch it all.  AND remember scores, teams and stats from years past.  He amazes me!  His competitive spirit will surely take him very far in life, and I pinch myself often that I get to witnesses this little boy growing into a man.  What a gift.  I can’t believe God gifted me this precious little boy.

If you do not know the name Stephon Gilmore (non-sports fans) then please allow me to introduce this wonderful spirit and soul.  He is from the Carolina’s, a former Gamecock baller and current NFL player for the Buffalo Bills.  In the short period of time in chatting with both him and Gabrielle, I found myself engulfed and inspired by their work ethic, mentality and drive to reach their goals and dreams.  I’m not gonna lie…I went into my Boot Camp Training last night thinking I could train like a football player (I was that inspired!).  ha!!!

I am so thankful for his generosity as we wrapped our engagement session time together.  He not only took the time to chat with my little buddy and his friend, Tate, but also played catch!!  How cool is that!!!

My goodness!  What a summer-time treat for these growing little boys.

Forever indebted to the kind-heartedness of so many…including this moment caught in time.

~ xo ~

Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00005

The boys!

Stephon Gilmore_Kristin Vining Photography_00006


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