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Back-to-school | 1st Graders!

“I gotta go back, back, back to school again Whoa whoa, I gotta go, Back to School……AGAIN!”  – Grease August 21, 2013 She jumped out of bed!  Despite my night owl’s lack of sleep the night before, she was happy to see the sun rise, dress herself in her chosen back-to-school outfit, eat a healthy […]

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The “Great Henry” Baby Shower

“The Bee’s Knees baby shower of the year!!” I am so excited to be part of a great group of girls planning what we have dubbed, “The Great Henry Shower!” Inspired by our (and Lindsey’s) love for all things Gatsby and vintage-glam, we are converting the bottom level of our home into a ‘wingding’ that […]

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Last Day of Kindergarten

“Bittersweet…” As mommy’s we anticipate Everything.  Our guard is forever up.  Our hearts are willing to break.  And the sacrifices made are selfless acts that are done without giving it a second thought. If we don’t know each other, well allow me to let you know (and remind so many others) that I am in […]

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