Back-to-school | 1st Graders!

“I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Whoa whoa, I gotta go, Back to School……AGAIN!”  – Grease

August 21, 2013

She jumped out of bed!  Despite my night owl’s lack of sleep the night before, she was happy to see the sun rise, dress herself in her chosen back-to-school outfit, eat a healthy breakfast and strut her new personalized Target backpack!

He on the other hand had a rough night.  Any time there is a change in temperature his bronchial issues flair up.  And of course it would have to happen the night before the first day of school.  Needless to day, it was a long night of breathing treatments, but he mustered up the energy the next morning, threw on his clothes, brushed teeth and then firmly told me I could only take TWO PICTURES…and then he was done!

Ohhhh…the life of a photographer’s kid.

It was an amazing first day.  The hubby and I are thrilled about our new teacher, excited about them making new friends and in love with watching them grow, succeed and flourish into their own little person.

What a gift this truly is.


Until next year’s back-to-school-front-porch-portrait…we’ll embrace and cherish this beautiful year of 1st Grade!  Come check us out on Instagram for all the latest and crazy twinkie action!

~ xo~

Lindsey Regan Thorne - What a sweet blog! :) I can’t believe they are already in 1st grade and next week celebrating the big NUMBER SIX! xoAugust 23, 2013 – 12:35 pm

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