Last Day of Kindergarten


As mommy’s we anticipate Everything.  Our guard is forever up.  Our hearts are willing to break.  And the sacrifices made are selfless acts that are done without giving it a second thought.

If we don’t know each other, well allow me to let you know (and remind so many others) that I am in fact…

A crier.

A big, fat ugly girl crier.

And it has gotten worse since having become a mommy.

I specifically have to not think about certain things, otherwise I stream.  Commercials, songs (especially), heartbreaks, other people’s pain and successes, American Idol (I know…don’t laugh) and today…

My Twinkies last day of Kindergarten.

I am forever grateful for this glorious year!  We have made so many memories, made so many new friends and The Lord could not have partnered us with a better loving, caring and God-fearing Kindergarten teacher…Harding Cranford.  She has been teaching for ten years and TODAY marks her last day.  She is embarking on a new career (nursing) and I know she is going to be one heck of a care-taker!  Is it crazy to think that He kept her in education one last year…for Bray and Addy (and me)?  Probably so.  But my little mind will just keep thinking the same. :)

I will NEVER forget meeting her for the first time.  That first day.  Their 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Her words as I left (excerpt from above 1st Day of Kindergarten post)…

So today we celebrate all Kindergarteners!  All teachers!  All graduates!

We celebrate the strength it takes to close a chapter; knowing that when one door closes another opens.

Cheers to SUMMERTIME!!  Rising 1st Graders!  And lots of love, ice cream and pool days!!

~ xo ~

Their first day of Kindergarten…

And this morning.  Their last…

Bray is very much excited for summer.  Addy definitely had many moments.  Love seeing my little buddy trying to get his sissy to smile.

LORD I LOVE THESE LITTLE GIFTS!!!!!At the beginning of the year, parents were asked to write a little something about their child for the first day of school

Just came across what I wrote…


How did I get so lucky with these two?  So blessed?



Drew - I just LOOOOOVE your little biographies of your sweet little twinks! You described them so well! I adore getting to see them as much as I do and hear their laughter in the living room as I quietly giggle and click away in the next room 😉 What a joy to spot a beautifully colored new drawing either on my desk or pinned up on your board. Those two certainly have a huge piece of my heart! Congrats on graduating from Kindygarten my sweet little twinkies!

LOVES!June 7, 2013 – 11:15 am

LRT - Awww, I get why this day would make you cry… it’s making me cry, but then again, I love those little people SO MUCH! What a bitter sweet day with Mrs. Harding, I know how MUCH you ALL loved her! Now onto first grade, it’s crazy to believe! Little 2 years olds at my wedding. Addy bean has grown so much in the past year, my goodness!! Little Bray, well, he’s my boyfriend for life. Love them to pieces! Happy Summertime!June 7, 2013 – 3:50 pm

Whitney B - Such a sweet post. Love this. Of course I cried too. I’m a little softy like you! Enjoy the summer. Thank you for always making motherhood a blessing. We are about to embark on this journey and I get so sad when women tell me negative things about becoming a parent. I realize it will be challenging, but thanks so much for reminding us all about the little things and God’s gifts. xoxoJune 9, 2013 – 6:31 am

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