A fun little laugh!

I do not believe I have ever posted anything of this nature before – or for that matter written about the subject, but this has left me laughing so hard (the actor is fabulous) that I couldn’t help but share it with the masses.

While I have heard every last one of these words, at the end of the day this content still does not really phase me.  I guess it is because I myself want to “look skinny on camera, be properly lit, get my images back quick, be reassured that I am in the hands of a professional…and on top of all else…be educated”.  And I want the same for my clients.

I recently met with a new accountant (while pulling my hair out…arg…taxes!) and found myself utterly in love with the fact that he was thoroughly explaining and educating me on a variety of items.  It was a simple (and complimentary) initial consultation that turned into 1.5 hours of his time.  He understood his business, his industry and was the consummate professional.  I left wanting to hire him on the spot (and would have if I had had all of my ducks in a row to get an accurate breakdown of services).  Nonetheless, after being on the other side of the professional, I left feeling confident that each and every one of my clients get the exact same treatment when they walk through our studio doors.  They are welcomed, educated and enlightened!

So…now that I have just had a brain dump…onto this hilarious clip.  I will say, I feel insanely blessed to have only had a couple of “I-know-everything-about-everything” type of clients in the last ten years of business.  Pretty good stats I think! :)

Happy Tuesday…and much love!

~xo~ k

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