Beth + Chris | Charlotte Engagements

Okay…so we are t-minus TWO days and counting until we leave for Anguilla, however I could not resist getting this blog post up prior to leaving.

Meet Beth and Chris. She is a nurse. He is a teacher. And they are avid baseball fans.

Of course in learning about this very important detail, it was clear that I had to capture them in their element. Knights Stadium graciously allowed us to spend a little time in and around the field (yup…Eddie made us stay off his impeccably groomed field). And while there wasn’t one pitch thrown or the roar of a crowd, you would have never known it…Beth and Chris simply basked in their love for each other and their love of the game!

For me it was definitely bitter-sweet being back at the ole Castle…especially this time of year when ‘spring’ is in the air. I spent many hot summer nights under those stadium lights watching my husband pitch. And although I miss the thrill of those 0-2 counts and cute white pants (hehe), it is total bliss being home year round with him and our twins.

Thank you, Beth and Chris for allowing me to take a trip down memory lane! Can’t wait to meet you up at Lake Lure…April 4th is right around the corner!
Hair/Makeup credit – the uber talented, Kym Mclean!

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