Emily + Matt | Pinehurst Engagement Session (part one)

Bloggers meet Emily + Matt (aka…Brian!)…

Ahhh…the pressure of a name!  Guilty as charged, I did it…I forgot HIS name!  We were just about to start shooting and I went to call the name, “Brian” and then instantly hesitated because I didn’t truly remember if HIS name was in fact, “Brian!”  OH MY GOSH – he called me out!!  “What’s my name?” he asked.  I replied,  “Ummmm…Brian?”  Meanwhile, Emily was mouthing his name to me in the background, “M A T T ! !”  HUMILIATION was the first feeling that took over.  How in the world did I do this…forget my dude’s name?!?!  Thankfully, it rolled into laughter – however I could NOT STOP calling him, “Brian!”  I kept doing it!!  Not on purpose – but truly, I guess I feel like he looks like a Brian.  I will say – I have four grooms this year named, “Brian” and many of them have been talked about lately as we’ve been working hard on our 2010 production schedule.  UGH – still, I can promise that will never happen again!!  Sorry, Brian – I mean, Matt!  xoxo

My sugar-sweet, Lindsey Regan Thorne and I set out for Pinehurst at 4am this past Tuesday.  First look – a game of crouquet followed by a little stop on the side of the road.  It is deliciously fun to shoot a session that is truly reflective of the couple.  I cannot WAIT to get this beauty back in front of the lens this July – Charleston bridals here we come!!  Emily and I were meant to be…we share the same birthday AND she is set to marry the very same day my husband and I tied the knot – September 25th (this is year TEN for us!)  WOW!

I hope you enjoy a little Emily + Brian (opps…see, I did it again!), MATT!!  They certainly were a treat to spend the morning with.  xoxo

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deb hall - yeaa! so happy to finally see a sneak peek of these images. great job guys!!! love them all!April 16, 2010 – 9:21 am

Darrell Brock - I love it! If you need help holding or carrying anything while you are in Charleston for your bridal shoot, just let me know. Charleston is my home and I love meeting and helping my photog friends! :)April 19, 2010 – 2:13 pm

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