Flashback 35 years ago…

My husband…35 years ago…

“The men in my life…”

I remembered the very first day I saw this photo of my husband.  He was full of embarrassment.  He shied away saying, “if we ever have a little boy we will never dress him up like this.  Never.”

I thought, “Why?  He is so precious!”  My mother-in-law (Judy) is so proud of this costume…made by her hands.  LOVE HER!  I wish I could say I have made my kids costumes, but unfortunately my art does not span beyond knowing how to click a shutter button.

As we celebrate this festive weekend, we are laying low right now – playing dress up in our home.  And wouldn’t you know it…Judy just happened to bring THE costume.

His reaction was quite sweet – our little buddy could wear a paper bag and he would love him even more.

Cheers to a safe and blessed weekend!!



“I don’t think I like this very much, Mommy….”

“Come’on buddy…just do what Daddy was doing when he was a little boy in this picture.”  Mission accomplished. 


jill delmastro - Lmao kv Ken is gonna kill you and Bray may later in life. Priceless!October 30, 2011 – 5:32 pm

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