Happy Father’s Day

“A Father’s Love…”

Each morning he fills their cereal bowls, pours their orange juice and distributes their vitamins…all while keep the house quiet so mommy can sleep.  He drives them to school, picks them up, and each night makes sure we are all fed.  The house is always tidy (well, as much is can be with four year olds), the grass is a luscious green, the trash and recycling are always taken care of and rarely do we have piles of laundry stacked up.

Today we celebrate him!

We are so grateful for him.  AND SO PROUD!!!  Be sure to stay tuned this week as we have some big news getting ready to launch that surrounds HIM!

Happy Father’s Day to all!!

~ xo ~


Leigh Ann Page - Happy Father’s Day to Ken. And finally a hint around the big news coming. Can’t wait to hear!June 17, 2012 – 12:42 pm

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