His journey… His chapter…

“I believe in him…”

It is a big day in the Vining family as today marks the official launch of my husband’s new venture.

A Bum’s Rum Cake!

You can read all about the company here, but for this blog – well, I have to pour out my personal heart and words.

Life after professional sports might not be as clear for some as it is for others.  In my husband’s case, he was uncertain where life would take him.  What was most important for him (and has been since he retired) was being home and having a normal life.  No more traveling.  No more playing in the sweltering heat.  No more having to miss important summer events.  He was ready to hang his playing cleats up, but he wasn’t quite ready to leave the game all together.  Coaching was the next natural step and he enjoyed that for a bit more than eight years…

Until now.

He has ventured into the wide world of cakes…and I just know he is going to be a huge success!!  He is taking a huge leap of faith, and I know he is very nervous – but he has GOD right there with him.  With us.  I know He will carry him and us through!

I’ll never forget today.  Just like two other very important dates – this one will always resonate.

May 23rd, 2001 – Toronto.  The day I witnessed him run from the bullpen to the mound for his very first big league appearance.  It took my breath away.

August 30, 2007 – Charlotte.  The day we were blessed with two little miracles, Bray and Addy.  They continue to take my breath away.

July 9th, 2012 – Fort Mill.  The day my husband launches his first business.  I can barely breathe right now.

So proud of you, Ken Vining.  I will always be your #1 customer – and pay you in hugs + kisses!!!

~ xo ~

Bergen - This is such exciting news. The passion that you two share is ahhhmazing. Ken, I can’t wait for me and my family to try your rockstar status rum cakes. I’ll be sure to BLOG it and post it via Facebook as well. Congrats and cheers to a new beginning of fun with rum! he heJuly 9, 2012 – 2:39 pm

Drew - Eeeek! The day is finally here! So proud of you both for getting this business into operation! I’ve seen firsthand the hard work and dedication you both put forth to make this dream happen! I’ve sure missed my cake tastings! See you tomorrow! Loves and hugs!July 9, 2012 – 3:25 pm

Linda - Congratulations! It’s always fun to have something new and special at a party! Looking forward to ordering and tasting your cakes. When we were in the Caribbean it was quite intriguing to see their popularity… thanks for bringing them to the USA! YUM!
And ps… the photos on your blog are amazing… they look very “rummy”… strangely, kind of like you expect it to taste… warm and yummy!July 9, 2012 – 4:22 pm

Jenny J Cook - How cool is this?!?! Congratulations! Can’t wait to taste the cakes. :)July 9, 2012 – 8:55 pm

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