Home to House | 4 days to go…

I will never forget this moment…this day.  It was August 27th, 2008.  Daddy was just outside of the window working in the yard.  As we were changing in preparation for nap time, I couldn’t resist letting them run around naked.  In case you haven’t heard me say it before, I LOVE baby skin.  LOVE IT!!  While they were watching the lawnmower, I quickly grabbed little bday hats that were laying around and started firing away.  Then in a flash, Addy starting streaming!!!  It took me a second to realize, but so glad it did – otherwise I would have missed the moment.

My friend, Jill Delmastro, has always done an amazing job with their cakes.  Although she specializes in wedding cakes, she has always found the time to do their cakes.  They are masterpieces!!

Birthday #1 fell on Clemson’s opening day game against Alabama (sorry, babe…I know it was a blow out), so we thought it was fitting to have Tiger themed party.  Birthday #2 – ELMO!!  Gosh – they were SO into him!!  And birthday #3 – well, here we go…different personalities meant different themed birthdays.  We let them choose…Thomas and Tinkerbell were the winners.  Here is that flashback.  I can’t wait to find out what they want for birthday #4.  I’m guessing Tangled and Cars! :)

I will never forget their first three birthdays in this home…

Melissa Morales - Kristin, that first pic of the two little naked baby bottoms is priceless!! I have to agree, baby skin is the best…I’m going to miss it. My lil chunky monkey is losing all of his chunk!April 22, 2011 – 7:14 pm

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