Introducing – “Operation Switcharoo!”

“Remember this little Betty?”

It all started about three years ago.  She walked through our studio doors and in a blink…my world changed.  There was something about her.  Her energy.  Her enthusiasm.  Her spirit.

We instantly clicked.

She instantly booked.

She married.

We stuck.

And now…well, now our photographer/client relationship has flourished into an amazing creative partnership that keeps me feeling fresh, alive, spontaneous and full of life (not to mention a great sister-friend bond).  She is a raw talent that I trusted early on…a talent that I knew would bloom into something epic (hello, Lindsey Regan Thorne Be Pretty).  In just a few short years, she is now booking destination markets, branched off from her full time swanky, Gensler gig and is making quite a name for herself.  I do feel like that proud, influential momma watching her little chick grow.  Crazy proud.

So that brings me to a fun little something we chatted about driving home from Charleston yesterday…”Operation Switcharoo!”  Head on over to LRT’s blogbecause quite frankly…her description is too cute for words!

I adore our collaborating sessions.  I cherish that we push the creative envelope, but know how to reel it back in to keep things real.  In summary – I just simply love this motivating little cheerleader!

And now…I head back to the lovely world of post production, but not before a little flashback…

And an amazing little Super 8 coverage by Richard Israel.

Lindsey Regan Thorne - My dearest land of the nugs,

Thank you dear friend and sisterly-elder for all the loving words… and wisdom! I heart you more than sugar cubes and thanks for inspiring me… and us ever day! I’m super duper pumped for Operation Switcheroo!

Middle BearOctober 5, 2011 – 1:50 pm

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