KVP Woman | Anita


She has completely lit my soul on fire.

A gorgeous mom of three, she dedicates her life to her beautiful daughters (including a set of twins), fitness and health.  Our conversations have been uplifting and inspiring, truly making me think twice about some of the things I put in my mouth.  Dang.  Who knew that chicken causes cellulite?

From the moment we photographed, to the preview session, to the print pickup…she has instantly put a smile on my face each time!

Strong, fierce and all woman…she defines what KVP Woman is all about.


Hope you enjoy these latest pieces.  And be sure to check out her reaction at the end.

These sessions are embracing my spirit and changing my life!  What a priceless gift.  Relationships!

~ xo ~

Hair and makeup by:  Lindsey Regan Thorne be pretty

Her words…

Whitney B - She is a doll! Such a beauty and I’m sure her family is adorable. Love your KVP woman series :)July 6, 2013 – 5:55 pm

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