KVP Woman | Katy

“A vision…”

When she walked through the door, she took my breath away.  Ahhhh!  That hair!  I dream of wearing (and pulling off) that old school Faith Hill cut.  And she does it with ease.

After seeing her beautiful dresses, I immediately knew we were going vintage…and I had the perfect inspiration for my sweet, sassy artist Lindsey to go by.

So what do you do when you have no hair for pin curls or extensions?  You get creative.

Thankfully Katy and I share similar hair color.  So I grabbed one of my old hair scrunchies (yep…and I totally just wore it at a wedding…ha!) and instructed LRT to starting cutting it up so that I could get my makeshift curls …


A vintage hairstyle!

Complete with flowers and hair necklaces.

~ xo ~ 

And because I needed a “just her” shot…curls pulled.  Gorgeous!

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