Rachel + Zack | Charlotte Engagement Session

“Country meets city…”

We clicked the moment we met.  And although she and Zack are not set to marry until the spring of 2013, we simply had to have one another and get the ball rollin’.  hehe!

Our approach to the shoot stemmed from Rachel stating, “I want different!  Nothing typical!  I prefer studio!  I am city!  He is country!”  And that was that.  Studio it was – with a little J Crew style (gosh, I love this girl!)

Rachel is on the brink of becoming a ‘big time’ attorney.  God love her!!  I wholeheartedly admire all those in the field of law and medicine.  It takes a great deal of dedication, determination and guts to commit to that line of work.  Huge respect.

What cracks me up most about Rachel is…one would NEVER guess she would be interested in law.  NOW hold on, don’t get me wrong.  She is articulate, sharp as a tact and crazy smart…but even more…totally into fashion, arts and beauty.  When she and Lindsey Regan Thorne set out to shop for wardrobe, she was like a kid in a candy store.  Those two little chicks had a ball together!!!

Let’s talk a little about sweet, Zack.  HELLO!  Can you say, “Handsome!”  We’re talking rugged, rough-handed, cowboy boot wearin’ man (with a twist of metro…dude loves his Citizen jeans!).  He is up at the crack of dawn each morning tending to his family’s PIG FARM!  YES!  They raise pigs!!  I was in awe learning about how they are raised – and (eek) eventually slaughter.

Okay…enough about pigs…back to R + Z (ps, Rach…I know you’re a  Zoe fan…did you realize that your first initials together make RZ?!  Bananas!!!).  Clearly I’ve had too much coffee!!

I hope you enjoy a little sneak peek into our fantastic day together.  And, I absolutely adore sharing the perspectives from my couples.  Here is her super cute blog…complete with her engagement story.

Thank you, Rach!  I adore you both.  You’ve made this momma bear so happy.  I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE your photos.  To me, that is the #1 most important thing!

Hugs and lots of LOVE! (to you too, little LRT.  Thank you for rockin’ out yet another great session!)

~ xo ~



It doesn’t happen often, but my twinks spent the morning with me shooting.  Gotta love this precious shot…we’re always trying to fill bigger shoes! :)

Kristy - I love everything about this whole post! And I love that she wanted studio… so different!! Next time… pig farm is a must! :) Great work, KVP!March 9, 2012 – 3:12 pm

Rachel Stroup - Ahh!!! Your words are too kind. I just love you. Can’t wait for times to come! Obsessed with this layout!March 9, 2012 – 3:54 pm

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