So big… So fast…

1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months…6 MONTHS!

I cannot believe we have reached this well visit for the twins. This morning marked another round of vaccines and weight checks. Big Boy, Bray is weighing in at a healthy 19.5lbs, while Sweet Pea, Addy is an ‘airy’ 17.5lbs (noticable difference when holding and comparing the two).

I have started a ‘favorite links’ off the right of the screen. My dear friend, Diane, turned me onto this babysite over a year ago now when I learned of my pregnancy. I’ve been so slack lately in taking pictures of them, but this weekend we’re hoping to get them into the studio for their first official visit to Mommy’s studio.

Reachin’ and Grabbin’
Need I say more!

Precious little profile!
“Nah…I’m HUNGRY!”
A little light show to stimulate!

Playing peek-a-boo!

Honour Mann - Kristin,
I had no idea you had twins! Work looks beautiful as to be expected!
Love your image taken by moi/ thanks for the credit! Honour Mann
http://www.hhfinearts.blogspot.comMarch 20, 2008 – 11:58 am

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