Winner announcement…coming soon!

Happy Tuesday!  And happy “31 Days of December” contest announcement day!

While we had big plans on how we would announce the winners, technology has played a little part in that this morning so we are resorting to a few stills vs. video.  Darn.

First and foremost, THANK YOU!  It has been a delightful success, generating close to 50,000 hits…INCREDIBLE!!  In the beginning we had close to 100 teams form, but in the end it was a close race…very close for Giveaway #1 – a current/former client!

The goal for the contest was to share highlights of our 2010 work.  And rather than just plug away at building another post, we decided to make it interactive and fun.  Mission accomplished.  Thank you!!

So, here we are…votes are tallied and the winners will be revealed shortly!!  Stay tuned…

I would also LOVE TO NOTE:  Liz Connolly…thank you!!  None of this would be as fun, smooth or enjoyable without you!  I appreciate you so.


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