A Crafty Weekend



“Happy Valentine’s Day…Eve!”

It isn’t very often that I have time to read a book, clean a closet or for that matter do a craft project with my twinks.  But this Valentine’s Day I was bound and determined to make time, despite my crazy current schedule.  Oh…and that our craft time didn’t revolve around candy or gum!

Saturday morning we got an early start.  First up – a 9:30am birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Yup!  9:30AM!  When we got the invite I was certainly questioning, “Did Tristan’s mom mean, 4:30pm?”  But nope, the hubby confirmed the early party and off we went.  And I have to say…it was actually quite great because we still had our entire day AND what kid doesn’t want Pizza for breakfast!?!  Not only that…it was packed with six other parties happening at the very same time.  Craziness.

Okay…back to the point…

After the party we headed straight to Dollar Tree.  18 (kids) x 2 (twinks) = 36 (“be mine” treats).  Good designing and assembling times ahead.

So my mother-in-law and I dove into the project once home while the twinks ran amuck.  My thought process was, we’ll do the quick stuff on the computer then let the twinks help cut, glue, stick, etc.

Not so much.  They taped (maybe) four cards each and were done.  However, they did proceed to go through two rolls of double stick tape making ‘tape bridges’ all over the house.  They adored that part.

And so that left us starting and finishing this project.  No complaints though…it felt good to use that glue gun!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!!

~ xo ~


From Bray to The Girls


From Addy to The Girls…

From Addy to The Boys…

From Bray to The Boys…

Tiffany - So freaking cute!! So creative and adorable. You’re a rock star mom KV!!!February 13, 2012 – 3:33 pm

Rachel Stroup - These sweeties make me smile HUGE. I am ordering a set of twinks – EXACTLY the same. If only that was possible, I would be one happy girl. Happy V-Day to you, the hubs, and the twinks!February 13, 2012 – 3:36 pm

LRT - STOP IT! :) I’m obsessed with this detailed little crafty craft you did with the twinks! How ADORABLE! I love-love-LOVE! :)February 13, 2012 – 4:11 pm

Lauren - Holy mole guacamole!!! Martha Stewart better WATCH OUT! Mommy of the Year Award definitely goes to KV. Amazing!! Next year you should give out twinkies. :)February 13, 2012 – 5:47 pm

kristinvining - Y’all are AWESOME! Thanks so much. Glad you like it – we had a great time (in between rug-rats going nuts) doing them. I appreciate the vote of confidence – wish I was supermom, but I know way to many mommies who put me to shame. My goal everyday is just to love on them!! Love you each! xoFebruary 13, 2012 – 6:29 pm

Linda - Love that you ALSO have tape bridges and decor at your house too! Just purchased several rolls at the Target One Spot! Favorite “toy” of our two 3 year olds, one 2 year old and one 1 year old grandchildren! :-)

Your cards are so fun… and you are a terrific daughter in law to include your Mom in law!February 14, 2012 – 6:56 pm

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