Breanna + Ben | Fairytales and Sugar Engagement Session

“Fairy tales do come true…”

As many of you know, engagement sessions are my heart.  They are my creative outlet.  Originally – Breanna, Ben and I toyed around with the idea of golfing, but after digging a little deeper into their world, we discovered that they have a love.  An obsession so to speak.  For…CAKE!  For… ICE CREAM!


Sixteen Candles instantly flashed across my mind.  You know the scene at the end where Jake (ummm, hello! can you say boy-crush?) and Samantha are sitting on a beautiful dining room table with a simple birthday cake between them?  Such a romantic setting.

However, after doing a little research I decided I wanted to be a bit more original with B&B and opted to photograph something soft and romantic in my new neck of the woods – Fort Mill.

Breanna and Ben are getting married this November in Columbia – my hubby’s hometown (boy, Grandma and Grandpa Vining sure are excited…that’s a weekend with the twinks!).  We are all especially tickled to be part of this big day.

If I learned anything about this couple this past Wednesday it’s…BEN LOVES BREANNA!!!  When his eyes met hers we all melted.  His baby blues are mesmerizing – whew – they are gonna have some good-lookin’ kiddos!!

Thank you, LRT for the delicious Betsey Johnson dress find and banana yellow dress (which led us to discovering Ben’s love for banana milkshakes!!)!!  I LOVE watching you grow and could not be more proud of you…my middle baby bear!!  Be sure to tune into her blog for the wardrobe/hair/makeup deets!

And THANK YOU to NY Bride and Groom (fab Tuxedo), Party Reflections (gorgeous golden fork!) and Morris Costumes (LRT’s Top Hat find!!).  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful vendors take part in helping us create fresh, fun and fabulous looks – the clients are loving it!




Megan - gah I love your ideas!!May 20, 2011 – 3:19 pm

Dena Mobley - Beautiful!!! I’m blown away with the gorgeous pictures. I love the theme! It fits them to a tee. You’re the best.May 21, 2011 – 3:39 am

kristinvining - Thank you so much!!! Hugs! xoMay 21, 2011 – 11:14 am

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