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KVP Girl | Sarina

“The teenage years…” Beiber-fever!  Selena!  One Direction!  (Long gone are the Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and New Kids on the Block Days.) Meet Sarina. A crazy beautiful THIRTEEN-year-old. Her mom (Juli) and I go way back…ten+ years back.  Crazy to think I first met this little princess when she was an itty bitty.  What a beauty […]

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KVP Woman | Katy

“A vision…” When she walked through the door, she took my breath away.  Ahhhh!  That hair!  I dream of wearing (and pulling off) that old school Faith Hill cut.  And she does it with ease. After seeing her beautiful dresses, I immediately knew we were going vintage…and I had the perfect inspiration for my sweet, […]

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