Fly Baby Fly | Angel Wings Anniversary

“Fly Ellie Fly…”

Like so many others that have been touched by this baby girl, our hearts are very heavy this week as we celebrate the anniversary of her angel wings.

June 23rd.



She flew.

No more suffering.  No more pain.  She was healed.

I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the photographers to capture her last earthly birthday.  My world was forever changed that day.

Through her mother’s (Amy Potvin) messages, one single-solitary little girl has changed the face of thousands.  Her purpose on earth was great.  Too short, yes.  But tremendously great.

Amy continues to share her family’s journey through the “Lift Up” Ministry.  Her words will give you strength.  They will comfort you.  They are healing.  They WILL change you.  God is doing remarkable things through her.

It delights my soul and spirit to be part of this story.

Links to love and know:  Lift Up Ministry, Caringbridge Journal and the Perfectly Pink Tea with Mrs. Claus fundraiser.

A message from yesterday’s journal that touched me…

“We need to stop trying to live up to standards that are not realistic on this earth.  Let us set aside our egos and preconceived notions of what life should be.  It is time to accept that life is not perfect or fair.  But, our comfort is in God.  Our God is perfect and allows nothing in our lives to happen without a higher purpose that leads to good.” ~ Amy Potvin



On another note – Ellie and my sweet dad share June 23rd as a special day.  While Ellie marked it as her heavenly birthday, my dad celebrates it as his earthly.  I love you, Daddy – more than words could ever describe!





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