Home to House | 1 day to go…


The above image will forever resonate as one of the top memories this home gave us.  It was 6am on August 30, 2007…I asked my husband to take one last photo of me at home before heading to Presbyterian Hospital to deliver my gifts.

Our house has not just been a house.  It has been a remarkable home.  It is the place we found out we were pregnant.  It is where I spent many, many weeks on bed rest.  It is the home in which we brought the twinkies home to for the first time.  It is where we watched the first rolls, the first words, the first crawls, the first steps. 

Here are a few things both special (and comical) that I know will bring smiles and laughter when I reflect back on these posts…


Oh gosh…THE MINIVAN!!!  I will never forget Ken and I making the decision to turn in our cars for more practical modes of transportation.  We showed up at Hendrick Honda and first traded in the Sequoia for an Accord.  Then…well, then…it was time.  Time for my husband to man-up and do what was right for our new family.  Trade in the BMW 530i (with sports package…b/c I guess that is important) for the HONDA ODYSSEY!!  WOOHOO!! 

We know it’s not “cool”, but hey…I love it!!  With the click of a button we can open two doors, a hatch back and have those twinkies and stoller loaded in 5.5 seconds.  I think he has warmed up to it…we are now on our second Odyssey. :)

I often wondered if our home would ever return to ‘normal’.  It is funny to watch a home transform in order to make it safe for little ones.

Addy cruising along shortly after taking her first steps.

Our uptown home in the summertime.

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