The Laboratory Mill | Whitney + Travis

Laboratory Mill _Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Rustic-glam romance…”

As we continue on sharing so much loveliness from the fall of 2013, I would be remiss if I didn’t say this couple and family is the absolute salt-of-the-earth.

Meet Whitney and Travis.

Married in a beautifully restored cotton mill, Whitney’s momma did a spectacular job of ensuring that her baby girl’s big day was nothing short of breathtaking.

Hope you enjoy this little snippet into their day.  Oh – and in case you missed their fun engagements here they are once more.

~ xo ~


Words from the Mother-of-the-bride…

“This past weekend I shared our storybook and proof book with friends.  Both lingered over each page, slowly taking in every little detail.  Through their eyes I appreciated once again that we had a beautiful shot of every big moment, formal shots that were gracefully posed, and close ups of  details.  Great candids were icing on the cake!  You captured the story and the feeling of the evening.  However, I wish there could be a picture of the “KVP experience.”   We appreciated not only the end product, but the process.  I have such fond memories of working with you!  Not just your professionalism, but your enthusiasm, patience and kindness.  Those feelings make the pictures even prettier!” ~ Diana

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