While the boss is Away…Lindsey and I will play!

Hi friends!!  Allison here!!!

This past week our Fearless Leader (yes, of course, Kristin!) set sail with her family and Micky Mouse around the Caribbean!  I am a wee bit jealous!  What could be better than beaches, crystal-blue water, family and Disney?!

So, with The Boss out of the office, Steve and I threw a huge party in the studio!  JUST KIDDING!  However, we did have the opportunity to meet our GORGEOUS New Year’s Eve bride and groom in the studio (which is basically a party, right?) WE CAN’T WAIT to capture all the amazingness of their NYE wedding!!

Without any photo shoots scheduled for this past week, I was forced to deal with some serious KVP team withdrawals!  Especially missing my home-girl… Lindsey Regan Thorne.  You can imagine how excited I was when Lindsey asked me to help her with a few photos for a blog post! I was ECSTATIC to have the opportunity to take pics of this beauty and her cutie patootie outfit!    I am sure you already know Lindsey, she’s our mega-talented stylist!!  Earlier this week, Lindsey was a guest blogger here on KVP where she gave us a sneak peek of an upcoming-engagement-session styling!

Check out her blog post and the pictures we took on her blog …HERE!

Luckily, Kristin returns today and we can’t wait to hear all the great stories and see the photos from her trip!  I am sure a blog post will be in order.

The trifecta (KVP + WATC + LRT)  is back in action this Saturday for Nicole + Sean’s  Uptown wedding that I’m sure will be a stunner!

Until next time, I leave you with a few photos of Lindsey!

xo, Allison

Lindsey @ be pretty - I love you like a love song baby… :) Had the best time, Allicat! You and K make any day so much brighter… thanks for letting me play with y’all! See you tomorrow for the wedding! :) XoMay 11, 2012 – 7:26 am

Kristin Vining - ROCK ON, Allicat!! LOVE THIS!! xoMay 11, 2012 – 5:02 pm

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