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I was recently informed that SJB Weddings did a little eSession feature that included a few of our photos. It is always exciting when other wonderful vendors take kind to our work…we get so tickled!!:)

Shanika has a rock-solid thing going with her wedding & event blog. It’s an amazing resource and planning tool for the bride-to-be…especially on the local level.

Be sure to check it out – FUN STUFF!

OH – and she is about to give birth ANYDAY now!!! Keep her in your prayers for a peaceful delivery and healthy baby.


SJB Weddings & Events - Thanks daahling!! And the prayers would be wonderful! :)October 9, 2008 – 4:14 pm

Anonymous - You get tickled?!? You should have heard Catherine:) hehe

– StuartOctober 9, 2008 – 10:48 pm

Twins & Tights Oh My!

After giving it much thought, my husband and I decided that Bray and Addy are going to be Mickey and Minnie for Halloween. Here is a little clip of me making sure certain things were fitting okay. I caught the tail end of a pretty funny moment in our home. OH and PLEASE over look all the baby cages. Since they’ve become mobile, our home is BABY PROOF CENTRAL. I so miss my coffee table and foyer furniture – but better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow the twins start their first day of school at Hawthorne Lane United Methodist. It’s pumpkin day & picture day. They are all set with their first little lunch boxes. Stay tuned for all the MILESTONE pix to come!

Brooke & Chris – JUST MARRIED!

It never fails – every entry I start, I ALWAYS start with writer’s block. Lord knows I’m not a writer! The first thing that comes to mind FREQUENTLY when starting is, “Again, we had a BLAST spending time with so & so.” UGH – I’m visual not verbal!:)

So here we go…
We had so much fun…haha, just kidding!

Brooke is HOT – how is that? And Chris…well, he is head-over-heels in love with her. I love people in love!

We recently returned from NYC where we shot her bridal session (see previous blog entry) and wedding day was no different. She absolutely GLOWED!

She did a fantastic job planning her wedding and was brilliant in deciding to bring on the fabulous Weddings and the City team to wrap up the loose ends that weekend. Gosh it makes such a BIG DIFFERENCE when things are ORGANIZED!!! The family was relaxed, the vendors were on-time and the atmosphere was LOVE. Great job Cortenay & Tiffany!

Here are a few of my favorites. Be sure to checkout the slideshow below. Oh – and a special thanks to NY Bride…the dress ROCKED!

Are you kidding me with these shoes?? HOW HOT ARE THEY!!!

A quick little stop on the way to get married!
Don’t you just love the dudes?
The Place for Flowers once again provided STUNNING pieces!
Brooke is a hair stylist at Varji Varji. Make-up and HAIR were of the uptmost importance! Kymm McLean with Who’s the Fairest was UNREAL!




Another one of my favorite vendors – BEST IMPRESSIONS CATERING! Mmmmmm…yummy!


The gorgeous Mint Museum of Craft & Design – Uptown Charlotte.
See more – SLIDESHOW

Anonymous - Kristin, I can hardly type for the tears. Brooke’s Dad and I have just looked at the slideshow and we both are overcome with emotions. She was so beautiful and you did an awesome job bringing out the joy of her special day. Thanks so much for memories, we’ll treasure forever. SheilaOctober 9, 2008 – 9:25 pm

Anonymous - Kristin, We too are overwhelmed at Brooke’s beauty and how handsome Chris is. Their love shines through, I can’t wait to see the rest. These will bring happy memories to all that attended and those unable will be able to share how in love they are by the pictures. We shall also treasure these forever, Joyce.October 12, 2008 – 7:40 pm