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Snow White and Optimus Prime | Halloween 2011

“Trick or Treat…” Words cannot even begin to express the love and adoration I have for my family. Simply put… They are my everything. As they grow, it seems like each holiday gets better and better.  And this year, they certainly grasped what it meant to “Trick or Treat” – and boy did we get […]

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Flashback 35 years ago…

My husband…35 years ago… “The men in my life…” I remembered the very first day I saw this photo of my husband.  He was full of embarrassment.  He shied away saying, “if we ever have a little boy we will never dress him up like this.  Never.” I thought, “Why?  He is so precious!”  My […]

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Introducing – “Operation Switcharoo!”

“Remember this little Betty?” It all started about three years ago.  She walked through our studio doors and in a blink…my world changed.  There was something about her.  Her energy.  Her enthusiasm.  Her spirit. We instantly clicked. She instantly booked. She married. We stuck. And now…well, now our photographer/client relationship has flourished into an amazing […]

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