A Mint Museum Wedding | Natalie + Evon

Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Uptown chic + pink…”

Good Monday to you!!

Let’s jump start this week with a little pretty in pink yumminess, shall we!

Natalie + Evon = H.O.T ! ! !

Engagements.  Bridals.  Wedding.  Oh my!

The energy that you see portrayed on camera is ALL Natalie.  She is a breath of fresh air, a genuinely loving human, her husband’s biggest fan and supporter, a God-fearing/Christ-loving woman, an incredibly fit and health conscious advocate and now one of Tennessee’s newest residents (we miss you in the Carolina’s, Nat!).

Hope you enjoy this snippet of their day.  Full of gorgeous designs via Come + Together Events, raw emotion and l.o.v.e.

~ xo ~

Thanks to all the professionals involved that helped make this an event to remember!

Steve Michael
Myers Park Methodist Church
The Mint Museum Uptown
Party Reflections (rentals)
Heather Hayes Band
Bloom Room (florals)
Best Impressions Catering
Wow Factor Cakes
Party Tables (draping)
Elisabeth-Rose (stationary)
Rose Transportation
Isabela’s Corner Videography
Old South Vintage Rentals (settee for sweetheart table)
Royal Rides (exit car)

Words from Natalie…

She is one a kind… By far best is the business, no one else like her!  Not only is she funny, beautiful and a Christian woman… She can shoot anything an everything!  She is so professional and makes the guys even feel comfortable in front of the camera.  You won’t even know she’s there but she captures the absolute best moments!  On your big day she will get it ALL!  She doesn’t miss a beat.  Being a picture freak myself this was an absolute perfect fit for me.  She captures the candid moments… And your pictures truly look so real an tell a beautiful story.  I can’t praise her enough…. I use her pictures anywhere an everywhere!!!  I am obsessed with them!  This was one of my biggest things as a bride was I wanted a really good photographer… And I made the best decision ever!  She’s glamorous and gets those different photos that no one else will have!  They won’t be posed… They are real life which is perfect!” ~ Natalie

Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00014
Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00022Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00023Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00024Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00025Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00026Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00027Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00028Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00029Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00030Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00031Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00032Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00033

Carly Mask - What an absolutely beautiful day that was so wonderfully captured through these photos!

Natalie, you were such a stunning bride, and every special detail represented a piece of you and Ev.

It was an honor being your Matron and standing by your side, and I’m excited to continue witnessing your journey and wonderful adventures in marriage with Ev.

Love you guys to the moon and back! Great job, Kristin :)June 30, 2014 – 1:43 pm

Katrina Hutchins (come+together) - Love everything about it! Thank you so much for capturing it so perfectly! xoJune 30, 2014 – 3:56 pm

Myers Park Country Club | Hope + Spyros

Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Hope in your life…”

She’s a radiant bundle of energy.  Full of life, the Holy Spirit and love, Hope is the type of human being that everyone needs to have in their life.  She has a smile that lights up the darkest of rooms; even when speaking of her dark days (her blog is a must read…especially those suffering from crohn’s disease).

For the last year this little sweet pea has been counting down the days until she married her prince.  Her infectious emails always left me grinning ear-to-ear as she planned, planned, planned the greatest event of her life.  She once even quoted the movie, Legally Blonde which left me in stitches!

In case you missed the engagement session (which took place at her grandparent’s breathtaking country home), you can see the passionate love between these two souls has been years in the making.  Despite the few shower sprinkles, we just kept on truckin’ and got down and dirty of the farm!

Please enjoy this little snippet of their gorgeous May wedding (including a couple of my favorite bridal session photographs)!

~ x0 ~

A special thanks to all the wonderful professionals involved in making Hope and Spyros wedding an event to remember!
Rebecca Rose Events, Myers Park Methodist, Myers Park Country Club, Party Reflections, Wink Lighting, Kathy Allen Bakery, Lindsey Regan Thorne, Lifestage Films, Amy Lynne Originals Florist and Voltage Band.
Oh and how can we not mention, Kleinfeld’s Bridal!  oh-la-la!

From the bride…

 “KVP, thank you for capturing the most precious memories of the best day of our lives (thus far)!  We will forever cherish these images and get chills every time we look through them.  Absolutely AMAZING!  Can’t and won’t stop looking at our beautiful + timeless wedding photos. Love you to the moon!!!! Xxxxxx ~ Hope”

Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00022Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00023Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00024Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00025Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00026Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00027Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00028Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00029Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00030Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00031Myers Park Country Club Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00032dsey re

wedding day beauty | Lindsey Regan Thorne | wardrobe stylist + makeup artist + hair - […] these beautiful images by my friend, Kristin Vining.  Visit her blog for a list of the vendors.  Rebecca Rose Events, the wedding planners, sure did […]July 24, 2014 – 8:30 pm

Charlotte Private Estate Wedding | Ashley + Alex

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“When one door opens…”

Tonight I am going to end on a note that is still very near, dear and personal to my heart.

I will forever remember this day beyond the fact that it was epic and grand.  That it was seamless and well planned.  That it was under the design and direction of a talented planner.  And that it was all under the umbrella of a beautiful wedding planning company that I once owned, Weddings and the City (WATC).

It is so hard to believe that ten years ago that little baby was born.  My former partner (CeCe Hampton) and I were so hungry to be part of this great big wedding world.  With an open heart, willingness to take a risk and giant leap of faith we literally went door-to-door as social media had yet to become the phenomenon that it is today.

We grew fast, wildfire fast.

There were lots of highs (a few lows), but ultimately the time came when it was time to close this chapter in my life and remember it as a beautiful story.  The friendships that I made through WATC, the lessons that I learned, the brides that we had the privilege of working with and the amazing contacts that were made both internationally and nationally all helped shape and mold me into the business owner that I am today.  There is not one single solitary thing that I would change.

Including…going out with a bang!

Ashely and Alex were incredibly laid back and knew that they wanted their big day spent with the absolute closest people to them.  Mission accomplished.

Please enjoy this moment in time that will not only forever resonate in my heart, but in the hearts of our very last Weddings and the City clients…the sweetest couple!

Thank you to the wedding professionals that I still adore working along side of… Steve Michael, Crown Alley Films, Jami Svay, The Place for Flowers, Best Impressions Catering, Split Second Sounds, Jill Delmastro and Rose Limos.

~ xo ~

Words from the bride…

“My experience with Kristin Vinning was fantastic!  She always had my best interest at heart and spent as much time as she needed to make sure the photography was perfect.  Not only is Kristin well organized, and a splendid perfectionist, she is above all super sweet and relatable which makes you feel comfortable and be yourself.  Any time I see or hear someone searching for wedding photographers or just a photographer in general I always recommend Kristin Vinning Photography, she is the best! “

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00008

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00030

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00012

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00031

Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00022Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00023Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00024Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00025Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00026Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00027Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00028Tented Wedding in Charlotte_Kristin Vining Photography_00029


Alan Daly - Gorgeous work, as always KV!June 25, 2014 – 9:29 am