Alison + Jon | Angus Barn Raleigh, NC

Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00001
“Timeless in the capital…”
The one great thing that I’ve discovered about waiting to blog is how much I am thoroughly enjoying revisiting so many wonderful moments and memories.  It has taken me so long to narrow this one down…so much beauty.
Meet Alison and Jon.
You may remember them from their wisteria love post here.
We are flashing back to October 2013.  Location:  The Pavillion at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.  While it was an absolutely gorgeous day, it was still unseasonable warm.  Alison started the day with beauty by LRT be pretty and then she was all mine; full of perfect bridal beauty and ready for the big moment.
Please enjoy this little snippet into their day.  From the bridal suite, to the ceremony, to the wine cellar, to the reception…it was a night to remember!
Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes.  I am forever grateful for you both!
~ xo ~
A few words from the bride…
“We loved working with Kristin!  She captured the smallest details, the big picture, candid moments, and everything in between.  One of my favorite things about my photos is that there are about 650 of them and almost all of them are frame worthy.  Kristin does not shoot thousands of photos that are just mediocre.  She waits for the right moment (a skill of a seasoned photographer) and gets the best picture with the best camera settings, so it does not require much editing.  The colors of our photos were the exact same colors from the day of our wedding.  And the cherry on the cake?  Kristin is an awesome person, full of life, a real artist, passionate about her job, and it really shows! ~ Alison”
Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Angus Barn Raleigh NC_Kristin Vining Photography_00022

Carolina Event Design | The team

Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“The Wedding Planners…”

Very proud to know these girls.  And so very proud of all of their past, present and future accomplishments!

Meet the girls of Carolina Wedding Design, Parters Cortenay Matters and Heather Bryson with two of their newest planners, Erin Hunter-Watters and Elle Allen.

They are armed with years of experience and are amazingly talented.

~ xo ~

Thank you, LRT Be Pretty for the spectacular beauty!


Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00002

Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Carolina Event Design_Kristin Vining Photography_00006

Foundation for the Carolinas | Ashleigh and Mike

Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Valentine’s Day…one day later…”


The year I photographed my first wedding.

I thought I had seen it all.

Boy was I wrong.

Charlotte, North Carolina was a beautiful blanket of snow beginning Wednesday, February 12th.  Schools were out.  Business were closed.  Employees on the trading floor at Well Fargo were required to stay uptown in hotels in order to keep things operating (we are of course 2nd to NYC in banking) and…

Ashleigh and Mike prayed.

Little did we know that (in some spots) 10+ inches of snow (with layers of ice mixed in) would end up falling through Thursday, Feburary 13th…debilitating thousands.  Including wedding professionals.

And so, Ashleigh and Mike were faced with one very hard decision.  Move the wedding from her most favorite holiday of the year (since she was an itty bitty girl) to the next day.

By the grace of God we were ALL available.  The venue (Foundation for the Carolina’s), my wingman (Steve), the planner (Favor Me Events), the rentals, the cake, the makeup/hair (Lindsey Regan Thorne), the videography (Crown Alley), the flowers, the DJ (Split Second Sound) and the stationer (Olive Paper).

What a blessing!

Saturday, February 15th.  The sun shined down, the temperatures mildly brisk and the love was over flowing.

What a story to tell the kids and grandkids.

Making memories!!

From Ashleigh…

“I am thoroughly impressed with your work and your timeliness of getting these photos to us! You have no idea how much it meant to me that we got to actually look at them together on our honeymoon. My schedule the next couple weeks is insane and I will only be around a day or two until April so it was very much appreciative that we got to take time and look at these together and not over FaceTime. Ha thanks again for everything! -Ashleigh” 

Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Foundation for the Carolinas_Kristin Vining Photography_00020