The Journey….

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From time-to-time, I love going back through the blog roll and re-reading the thoughts and emotions experienced at those particular times.  I smile, laugh, cry (mainly at how quickly my twinkies are growing) and sometimes cringe at my work (that’s a good thing, right…otherwise we haven’t grown).   I have discovered…I am not a writer (ha!), but I do try my very best to be grammatically correct, articulate and tell a beautiful visual story.

I have spent a great deal of time these past few days right here.  Going through memories both personally and professionally and the one thing that has resonated with me is…

The journey.

I slowed down this past year to focus on spending more time with my family and less time striving to be #1 in sales, #1 in marketing, #1 in business.

The only thing that I want to be #1 in is…

Ken, Bray and Addy Vining’s life.

So back to “The Journey”.

It goes by too fast…way too fast.  Just yesterday my babies were here…turning one just like Thayer (oh my gosh…can we just talk about how stinkin’ cute he is!!).  And then his gorgeous Momma (my friend…my hair artist for the last TWELVE YEARS!!) left me these sweet words for future brides to read…

“I’ve known kristin for many years and I always knew that when I got engaged and married, I would trust no one else to capture those priceless moments.  Kristin has done our engagement photos, bridal portraits, wedding day, maternity, and now our sons first birthday.  She sees and captures beauty out of chaos, and I’m always blown away by it.  When I look back on all of our memories, by far my favorites are her photos; timeless, classic, and beautiful.  I’m feel privileged to have worked with such an amazing, and talented artist and friend.”
…which again just reiterated the importance of embracing ‘The Journey’…slowing down…taking time to breathe…and engaging/embracing everything.
Amanda and I have spent hours upon hours together over the years.  I’ve watched her morph into an amazingly talented and sought after artist.  I’ve watched her grow in love.  I’ve watched her grow in spirit (yep…there was once a time she said, “not sure I’ll ever have kids”…ha!).  I’ve followed her from salon, to salon, to salon.  I’ve referred the heck out of her (word of mouth is the b.e.s.t!).  I’ve traveled and played in the big city with her.  I’ve witnessed and been part of some of the most significant moments and milestones in her life.
A journey.
I feel so incredibly blessed to have been part of it all.
And here we are…more ‘Just Because Portraits’ of her crazy cute baby boy, deliciously handsome husband and of course…her radiant beauty!!
~ xo ~
Studio Dudzik_Kristin Vining Photography3

Studio Dudzik_Kristin Vining Photography2

Pure love…

Black and white prenatal _Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Pure love…”

Every ounce of her beautiful, womanly shell calmingly and lovingly cradled her soon to be arrival.

Incredibly grateful to have had this moment with her.

Perfectly pure and utterly blissful.

~ xo ~

Hair/Makeup by:  Lindsey Regan Thorne

Black and white prenatal _Kristin Vining Photography_00002Black and white prenatal _Kristin Vining Photography_00003Black and white prenatal _Kristin Vining Photography_00004

Black and white prenatal _Kristin Vining Photography_00005

Bita - Muah!! So happy to have had that experience with you :) you and miss LRT are just plain too talented. You and that camera of yours have a way of making me feel pretty brave! Thanks again :* xoxoJanuary 8, 2014 – 2:46 pm