Quail Hollow Country Club Wedding | Brittany + Jake

Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Country Club pretty…”

I am so embarrassed that I am just not blogging this incredibly delicious wedding…almost one year later (don’t hate me, Dina Berg Blazek Events!).

What a pleasure it has been revisiting Brittany and Jake’s gorgeous and oh-so-pastel-pink love affair.  It has left me salivating!

Our time together was nothing short of beautiful.  Sweetly soften spoken with a style to die for, I had hard time taking the lens off of her.  And I just love Jake’s regal, classic style!

Please enjoy this perfect summer 2013 (yikes!) affair.  Perhaps I should have just waited for a Happy Anniversary post!  ha!

Some things are worth the wait…this one for certain!

Thank you, Steve Michael, Quail Hollow Country Club, Dina Berg Blazek Events, Party Tables, Wink, In Bloom, Lindsey Regan Thorne, Jill Del Mastro and In the Pocket.

~ xo ~

Sweet words from the bride and groom…

“We had an amazing experience working with Kristin Vining!  We knew that we loved her photographs, but working with her for our wedding was truly  unforgettable.  She listened to our ideas, understood our vision and translated it into these beautiful works of art.  She made sure we embraced all the special moments of the day, and she captured them beautifully.  When we look at the photographs we remember the quiet emotional moments, all the details we spent months planning, the fun of the wedding, and most importantly the love shared with our family and friends.  We are eternally grateful – thank you Kristin!!” ~ Xo Brittany and Jake

Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00022Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00023Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00024Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00025Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00026Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00027Quail Hollow Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00028

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A Mint Museum Wedding | Jen + Lee

Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Delicious uptown details…”

What a wonderful gift it is to revisit so many great weddings today.  The love, organic moments, perfectly planned details…it has left me swooning all over again.

Meet Jen + Lee.

We first met on camera in the swanky little mountain town of Highlands, NC where we photographed their engagement session.

Of course, I could not wait to see what our uber-talented friends over at Carolina Event Design had up their sleeves for their big November 2013 wedding.

Oh my goodness…they did not disappoint!

The A-list of wedding professionals all came together and crushed this fantastic event!

My wingman, Steve, The Mint Museum, Modern Trousseau Couture, Lindsey Regan Thorne, Best Impressions Catering, Party Tables, Party Reflections, Split Second Sound, Ballantyne Brass, Hart to Heart, Trolley’s, Inc and Gallery of Flowers.

~ xo ~

Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00015Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00014Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00016Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00017Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00018Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00019Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00020Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00021Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00022Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00023Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00024Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00025Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00026Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00027Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00028Mint Museum Charlotte Wedding_Kristin Vining Photography_00029

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A Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Wedding | Jen + Chuck

Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00001

“Classically uptown…”

I am delighted to share these classically beautiful photographs from Jen and Chuck’s wedding from the Fall of 2013.  Designed and planned by the creative group, Hall and Webb, the day was perfectly smooth and beautiful from top to bottom at the ever-so-chic, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte hotel.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite pieces from their big day.

~ xo ~

Words from the bride…

“Thank you so much for your amazing work on both our engagement shoot and our wedding photography.  Your pictures are so beautiful, we couldn’t have asked for more!  It’s unbelievable the emotion you are able to capture in the pictures.  We loved all the detail shots, nothing was overlooked.  We have received nothing but compliments on everything.  We couldn’t speak more highly about working with you and your team, thank you again for everything!” ~ Jen

Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00002Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00003Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00004Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00005Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00006Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00007Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00008Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00009Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00010Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00011Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00012Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00013Ritz Carlton Charlotte Wedd_Kristin Vining Photography_00014